Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tennis [W.I.P]

hello i have been into tooo many things..lost concentration..hohoho..i know that bad,but i will get back on track..
End of sem 2 wow...marching straight ahead to sem 3...well my sport hmmm man i still have to work on it..i am not happy with it..well lets see..i am depending a lot on next sem..hehe :P

Cheers -- Harish.k


Prasad said...

Hey, this is looking great ! ...i am no way a right person to critic it ...i liked it very much !

damncreative said...

Hey harish, its nice dude. like it. But i got only one comment to make. This still looks like its 1st pass. U got to polish it to see the final output. Dont give up, finish the shot and u ill know as to how far u can go. This is a very tricky assignment. Enjoy;)

Dapoon said...
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Dapoon said...

hey it IS coming out pretty good for me! i just wish u could work more on the part where he throws the ball up in the beginning. i mean it kinda didnt look like he was throwing it up. the force wasnt there. but a job done amazingly! am getting jittery already!! lol