Wednesday, September 17, 2008

wall-e rig

hey guys check out this awesome WALL-E rig! and if u think this was the model used in the film, u got another think coming! it's NOT!!! it's modeled, textured and rigged by ONE dude who's NOT (i repeat: NOT) working in pixar and is infact unemployed since january!
talk about killing time!! (btw it's a 3DsMAX file)


Prasad said...

this is so awesome ! ...i really wonder how much time he must have spend studying the character and that too when probably he just had a moving reference from a film (you said he is in no way working for pixar !) ...this is great !

damncreative said...

holy moly. this guy is insane. Really true. How much he would ve studied to make a really flexible and working rig. Really nice. M blown away. And u said he s unemployed?... U got to be joking.

Dapoon said...

yep he's unemployed alright! he told me himself! go to the youtube page and check out the comments!