Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Basket Ball

helllo monsters.... actually i am stuck..hehe ^_^ i am not sure what to work in 1pass still...i want ur C&C' before i take it to 2nd pass..plzzzz

Cheers Harish.k


Dapoon said...

whoa u changed the slam dunk it seems!! now it's become the HARISH720DUNK!! lolz...

well it seems much much natural now, but i STILL feel the rotations could be faster! keep workin on it bro... u're doing great!

Unknown said...

ok,darn i know it's too late for a comment like the following. i really feel u shud've had a plan on the overall tempo of the shot. especially for a shot like this, if u kept it as a music note.. starting slow, build up a bit.. move fast, dodge,jump,show off and basket...it would've been much better. well, let's not worry about that in the first pass. there's a bit too many foot sliding happening that can take attention from the main action when u watch the clip. the ball bounces look natural, but at some parts the ball seems heavier than the guy :) he moves like a light weight thing compared to the ball, to rephrase it. it's just some adjustment in graph and u can fix in first pass i guess. well, this looks good to go pass 2. all the best :)

Harish k said...

hi roshan..good to see u here again...AFTER A LONG TIME..hehehe :P Thanks a lot..well its just a personal stuff i am working on soo u can give is more comments ^_^ so i can work on this anytime..i like the part where u said starting it slow and then building it up...awesome cool stuff...i have taken it back to blocking:) ..i will work out few stuff u told me and open it again..


Dapooooooon..hehe...i will take care of it bro...i will have to work on it..hehe..holidays right nooo deadline sooo feeling lazy to even fix small things..hehe..
Cheers Harish.k