Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Students work

Dear All Animation lover.Hw r u? I am Harjeet Singh (Animation Lect in Frameboxx).
I know that All animators have same thinking style.OK....

It is requested to All that I am sending you one our blog link there you can see my students work of animation of two months.I need yours feedback for them motivation.Please check it and give a right feed back for students.


Harjeet Singh


Unknown said...

have seen this in your previous post also, couldn't reply due to many technical reasons.
which semester students are behind these shots? it looks really neat actually. very good standard comparing to many animation institutes i've seen.
it would be great if your best students can join out blog roll and share their works and give comments on our student works .. that's a great way of learning. looking forward to building a great team of animators in here .

Mahesh Bisht said...

ya good start...!!

which frameboxxx student work is it..?
I m agreed with Roshan...


KASANA said...

Nice would be great if you post one file for one work...instead of all work.
In Andy walk I feel hand are litle dead and head movement need to be less.

damncreative said...

Hey harjeet. Have seen this before. Its good to see lot of animation comin out. In walk cycles, weights shifts are totally missing. Got to work on tht. And timing can be pushed even more. But quality is nice compared to other works comin out.

And i think somethings wrong with the 1st video. aint playing. Plz check it and post it again. Keep up the good work


vedanth rajan said...

I also agree wit roshan (666)... it would be awesome if your students put up their work...

it would be easier (trust me, I improved like hell because f dese guyz)...

hoping to see more works!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,Thanx for comments.the students names are.........