Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ballman n Ball interaction

Hey gyz,
Jeevith here sem1 animation. This is ma first posting. I'd a grt time animating these gyz. I still ve lot of work to be done on dis b4 goin to sem2, but i jus tot i wud do it aftr ur C&C's... So plzzzzz..

Thank u


Unknown said...

nice storyline. u gotta adjust the timing a lil crispy..especially when the lil ball jumps up on the wood (whatever that's breaking) like..a little hangtime and snap down in 2-3 frames (may be less). and the second jump ..u got too much of hang time in air and a break in the ark path somewhere.. well.. then, while the ballman kicks the guy out of frame, make the kick a bit more funny..this looks like a plain ol' kick :D u can show some attitude.. sometimes the way someone kicks can tell a lot about that person..for example, if u ever get to watch warner bro's superman batman adventures animated movie, the villain lobo /the main man is a study material..every action of that guy,including the way he kicks tells a lot about character personality ..well, never mind,it's a rare movie to get..not so famous. well..so ,act out and see what better way u can KICK :)

then i guess,the last part ,while the ballman rolls out of the frame, u shud use the overlap of his legs properly to get a nice flow and drag.... nice work m8.. tweak it to the best !

Dapoon said...

yo jeevithness!! :D

welcome to monsters bro! well to be frank, as far as ur work is concerned, it's good, but it needs quite a bit of work!

i got the joke, but it's stretched BEYOND limit! know ur audience! will they be able to PREDICT the end before u show it to them? or will u take them by surprise?? comedy is all abt timing. do NOT drag ur gags, or finish them off in a hurry. time them such that the audience is taken by surprise, AND gets sometime to enjoy them!
here to be frank although i couldnt predict the ending (that took me by surprise), but i had to wait for a looooooong 35 seconds for that! and in those 35 seconds, the story was stagnant, with smaller gags in between that were timed kinda slow. so by the time the MAIN gag came, i'm already bored! i hope u understand what i'm trying to say. i'm not being cynical since i dont want u to be discouraged. i'm just tellin u how the audience's mind reacts to storytelling.

as far as technicalities are concerned, u gotta work on the weight shifts of the ballman, then knee pops and jerks are obvious. and all the more the TIMING of both the ballman and the ball. and do avoid using unnecessary camera zoom outs and zoom ins! they kinda make ur piece look very weak!

if i had done this, i wud've made it VERY snappy and finish it off within 15 seconds! i think that wud make it look better!

but all in all, dude dont get discouraged! this is just ur first sem. u'll get a lot of chances to rise above these trivialities! so do well and do AWESOME!! ;)

[plz excuse my LOOOOOOOOOONG posts! but that's how i am! :( ]