Thursday, February 12, 2009

Harish.k (DemoReel-2009)

Harish.k (DemoReel-2009)

sorry guys this time its a link..i am just lazy ^_^
Hhehehe!! hope everybody is good..i am all done with takshaa..i mean the course..BWahheahhe!!
Jury went really awesome..i am taking a break now actually ^_^
here is the reel..actually its the duplicate version..hehe..
Check it out & give in ur comments..


Prasad said...

Sweet stuff man ! ...seeing it frame by frame was more entertaining ! ...and congrats for the completion of all terms !

KASANA said...

Awesome Work Harish...liked a lot. Have already seen this. Congrats for successful finishing of Takshaa. Keep Up the good work.
Other than Animation I liked the staging aswell... :)

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Hey Harish! Good work, keep it up. Good one indeed for a student reel. All the best for a great future! Hope someday we could work together! Would love to learn from you. Great!

Dapoon said...

hey bro! i loved it man! esp the jilting one and the jump! superrrrb!! even the ninja one was grrr8, though u cud STILL smooth it out a bit more!
and as chandu rightly put it, here's looking forward to working with ya and LEARNING from ya in the future!

keep BWAhehehehehing!! lol :D

Aparna-Appie! said...

i like! i like alot alot alot! :)

PHILIP said...

hey harish.. Nice stuff!Keep working.Just wanted to mention one thing,i dont know who's at fault here.If the Ninja animation is inspired from one of your mentors at Takshaa,then i'd kindly ask you to remove it as it looks very similar to the demo reel of one your mentors.If its yours originally then don't bother.
Jus a heads up as its a small industry.Anyways have fun and keep animating.

Harish k said...

hi thanks guys!! I Am looking for a job now ^_^ u can buy me if u want..hehehe!!

hi rocky,
yeah kung was not my original idea..i got inspired from my body mechanics teacher dhanam jay.. the moves i have done isn't similar
but if it still assembles it i must remove..
anyways thanks rocky
i am planning to do a new reel again once my interns r over.

thanks again

damncreative said...

hey buddy. Nice reel bro. Great work throught out the year. all the best for the future and hopefully will be waiting for u to join ittina. Lezeeee:). Ne way best of luck. Keep animating

Harish k said...

thanks vinay,
me too i wish i will get it in ittina :)