Tuesday, February 17, 2009

pantomime + gear change WIP (blocking 1st pass - storytelling poses)

THIRD SEM!!! and it's ALREADY rocking! whazzap guys?! well here's my first assignment (gearchange + pantomime). it's just the initial pass with just storytelling poses.

i chose a BANGALORE traffic policeman! he seems quite an interesting character to experiment with! lol :D

in my clip, i want him to be a very callous bored traffic policeman who's been doing this same old job for CENTURIES! and he DOES get a li'l strict when someone doesnt follow traffic rules! hope the characteristics are readable!

do lemme know where i'm going wrong and how i can improve the acting. thanks!


Prasad said...

He he he ...cool concept ...but he don't looks bored or tired to me ...just what i thought ...maybe you can make him stand near that post ...he don't moves around much ...also his hand gestures are lousy and weak ...also he don't want to see the traffic so maybe looks away as soon as he has shown directions ...end looks nice ...he becoming angry and all ...just what going in my mind ...

Harish k said...

BWHAHEHEH!! Nice..good concept bro..
would love to see it opened...

ur characteristics r not coming out as mentioned,may be the acting choice is not working like getting bored..but whatever ur done looks good:)

may be in the end instead of just running away...what u can do is..when he run out his hat fly's up and his body leaves the screen but only his hand comes back and grabs it out..
i guess that will be amazing..nice touch in the end..
just my opinion..

loved it.i guess now u know why short concepts r good ^_^
actually there is nothing workng in making big concepts..
but in a short one u can concentrate more on ur animation,u can polish it nicely. ^_^
loved it

Dapoon said...

hey thanks for liking it guys, and giving me ur valuable pointers!

btw i think i misled u guys by typing 'bored'! i'm sorry! he's not exactly bored, he's just ur average indian traffic policeman who's been doing his job day in and day out! so although he doesnt exactly look forward to controlling traffic every morning, he doesnt crib abt it too. he does it JUST cuz he's meant to do it! so he's just used to it!

however i'll surely take care of ur pointers guys (the hand gestures etc)!

@ harish, u're right, shorter clips DO beat longer ones by miles!! lol :D
btw i'll discuss ur pointer (of the hat flying away etc) in person, cuz i didnt really get the picture clear enough! ;D

any more c&cs are MORE than welcome!

Prasad said...

Ok, maybe we got it wrong ...but doing that way may give your animation nice contrast ...first he is bore and all and then he is in rage ...i mean just give it a thought ...all the best !