Friday, February 27, 2009


You Sitting in plane and one beautiful girl comes and sits next to you.
Y0u say I love you.
She : What the hell. .... CHAATAAAKKK !!!.......

And your 3 hrs. journey turns into 3 Yrs.

Second Scenario, She comes next to you. You introduce yourself to her, exchange one or two magazines, share jokes. And you find just 5 minute before plane took-off and why its landing now.
And in last if nothing you at least ends up as friends.

Am I gone mad talking all crap here on Monsters. No ...Actually I want to share one concept of Story telling . How we should we move into the story. Starting any story is quite challenging task in itself.
Same like theatre stage. Many monsters knows Chippy keeps telling about Strong Entry & exit from the stage. Coming Back to the point.
You don't bombard your audience in very start of the movie. You let them grab their seats, Feel them comfortable and smoothly take them into the story. Once they are into the story, you keep moving and catch up the pace with time. Wise man says Example is twice effective then words. So wisely I,m taking to two movies.

1. Chicken Little and
2. Finding Nemo

I feel Chicken Little is one of the weak opening I've seen. In very beginning we see so many things happening. Suddenly main character pops up ..." Hey Sky is falling...Run...Run.. blah...blah... "
.... WHAT MAN ???......

I'm not saying just opening sequence was the reason behind Chicken little's failure, there may be more...but this is one of the reason.

And in contrast with chicken little see Finding Nemo's opening sequence. ..BEAUTIFUL !!!..
Just experience the pace, built up, then journey.... lot to learn from Nemo.

I won't forget to say going slowly into story is the only way....but this can be Axiom. Otherwise there is many movie which stars with ...BANG !...
Kung Fu Panda,Armageddon are few to name.
So all depends on your sense of story telling. My purpose was to highlight this point. I hope I did the Job.

Huaaa !!!


Prasad said...

First it felt like I am reading about Einstein's theory of Relativity :D

...nice explanation of how to impact right from the start...thanks !

Dapoon said...

cool shit kasana!! thanks for sharing!

huaaa!! :D

Harish k said...

bwhaheheh!! i like the way u started off, 3hr to 3years kasana bhai.hahahe!!
u surly have a point here..
i guess ur surly studying lot of movies now a days, thats great :)

i thinking the story line of the movie also was not good,in chicken little characters were all over the place i feel..

in nemo just the vastness of the ocean could have been the main success point of the story...truly amazing..

damncreative said...

Amazing kasana. Story telling is a art by itself. Doesnt matter what kinda story or how ur telling it or which medium u use. Its all about TELLING IT IN THE RIGHT WAY.This is surely goin to monsters dojo section.


Unknown said...

well said kasana!