Monday, February 23, 2009

My ShowReel

Hey guys,
Whats up???? Uploading my reel, hoping u'll like it.......I think der r few areas I needed 2 have worked more but let me assure u guys "Its just the Beginning"He he ha ha ha


Dapoon said...

oye yaar saby paaji!! very impressive reel hai ji! i only wish u had removed that TV frame, cuz it looks very congested! but apart from that, i must the painter piece and the "jilting" piece REALLY stand out! BEAUTIFUL acting! even the body mechanics are cool! put some MUSIC also yaar!! it'll fill ur reel with life! ;)

keep up the inspiration!

vedanth rajan said...

oye yaaar i agree with dapoon yaar! the frame is distracting! maybe you could zoom into the whole thing then zoom out when ur animation changes... since there was soooooo many boxes. i thought that was the IDEA... for reference check a reality show "Just for laughs- Gags" i dono wether it on air now, but it used to come in pogo."

neway NICE!!!

Prasad said...

Great ! ...dialog-acting piece was neat ...Painter guy was also cool, just felt that it was stretched long ...just my opinion though ... Lot's of luck !

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

good one! though would like to point out one thing, the opening animation of the box is what I have already seen on a couple of websites already, so it might be good to just take it out if you are submitting the reel somewhere.

nice animation though, still lots to work, easy to say, difficult to do! good going!

Mitali P said...

I love the way when the first guy moves his hands very fast to regain his balance after she moves the chair, very minute organic detail