Friday, February 27, 2009

One of my character Animation work


Dapoon said...

hey harjeet! nice work there! but u've simply copied the entire movement frame by frame. if u're a beginner, lemme tell u that there's a HUGE difference between real and animated. although it's a GREAT way to learn how things move and how they're timed, u still gotta EXAGGERATE in animation. animation is nothing but a caricature of real life movements! real life footage shud be treated as only a reference. if the SAME scene were to be animated AS it is, it'd be boring! it shud be more cartoony and more fluid. THAT'S what makes an animation look appealing. if i hide the live action footage and see ONLY ur animation, it was kinda rigid. i'd not like to discourage u, so congrats for trying it out. but from now onwards, try EXAGGERATING the poses and the actions. good luck! ;D

Prasad said...

Yeah, I agree about that point of 'exaggeration''s why i guess, Richard Williams have shown various ways of getting surprised it in real life and you may break your neck for sure ...ha ha ha ...exaggeration gives that impact and true understanding of what's going in there ...but if i need to stick to what you did looks cool ! ...even copying such stuff is not easy i guess ...but for animation, see that, Jim's every action end's sharply ...cause he is feeling confident, a winner, that he finally answered all those complaints and wishes (Bruce Almighty, Right !!! I remember)...while your every action ends a lil bit bluntly ...hope you get what I am saying ...good Luck !

Harish k said... was good..i liked it expected the part were u haven't try ed exaggerating it r tryed anything new in it..see harjit even when u have a video ref u can still add few thing to ur aniamtion to make it look good :) ur movements r still stiff..u have to work on ur graph...there r some poses which r hitting here and there..check on that..u have to work on ur lipsyn too
..see when he says "Yes To All" when the hand go apart..u can delay one of them..u will get a nice feel to it..
\thats it from my side