Wednesday, February 4, 2009

lol! look who' back!!!

Who?.... who?

ow! it's just the plain old me!

hw r u guyz? hw's animation booming?

... Well, i'm still around..but with a different career...

just came in to share a thought..

where ever you are, whatever position u might be in..if you are doing what you want to do in your are the happiest person in the world :)

lol... btw, that wasn't the only things i came for.. i need some creative critics to look into my lil blog

thanx in advance matez..i'll be round :D


damncreative said...

wooooooooooooooah. Rosh, welcome back. "MY HEART AINT HEALING THAT FAST EH". ho ho ho. Loved it bro. Awesome. And i really loved the second random scribble. Sweeto.Man ur gettin better and better. Now m really waiting to buy the graphic novel:)

KASANA said...

YO ! I won't say you,re back.
Damn ! You Still here.... :)
Anyways... Did Vinay Said You getting better and better... YEAH..!!!
And Water Colors....AH !
Great! Me also rubbing my hand now n thn.
Wolf n Jean is Superb. But Shirt looking lil flat esp. Wrinkles.
The claw hand looks little lose. I think you can give some more stiffness in same hand.
One more thing...just want to highlight. We tend to fall in this hand pose ( Claw hand )...I feel this is comfortable pose ( Hand tilting down from wrist joint ) for us.
Hey I heard...Some monsters who are not able to post for some reason...Are Saying " We want to see more.."...:)

Dapoon said...

exactly! when did u ever GO AWAY to come back?? lol ;P

well rosh, i've always been an ardent admirer of ur artwork, and this time too it was a FEAST!! i loved all of them!! esp the red one, the feel was SUPERB!
me too waiting for the GRAPHIC novel!

*pants greedily*

Prasad said...

O Ho Great ! that i can keep me updated ...i have already directed bunch of my comic lover friends to the blog ! ...nice ...keep it going !