Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DEMOREEL 2010 Soumyadipta Roy

Sorry Guys, I did a lil modifications....later......:) Cheers.


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Great work! Well done! The fight scene is really good! Can you please tell us, how you went about the shot, how did you plan it, did you take references of yourself? and so on! Would like to know! Keep it up! Again, really nice work! :)

Dapoon said...

hey bit2, gr8 reel there man!!

however i have a few suggestions. i think u tried to put in EVERY work that u've done so far in this reel. i say put only ur best ones. the walk and the run are unnecessary. no one cares abt that anymore. u can so well show off ur walks and runs in ur acting shots. that'll be enough for a recruiter to understand that u can handle walks and runs well.

i'd also ask u to remove the last ballman piece. the storytelling drags a li'l, plus it's more like a learning exercise. the footballman (lol) is a good enough piece!

even in the footballman piece, the storytelling cud've been paced up. there were some moments where the ballmen simply take a li'l too time to realise what's happened, whereas the audience has got the joke loooong back. so i felt the storytelling dragged in places. but it's very well done nonetheless.

the dialogue piece is really nice. i have one small suggestion: sumtin i didnt see before! at the end, when he says "...much", the teeth need to be touching each other. that will make it believable. u DO have the teeth touching each other, but only after he finishes saying "...much". so just make it come earlier.

the fight scene is nice. but i'd ask u to remove the part where both the characters are punching at the screen. it looks very undone and immediately reduces the overall quality of ur reel.

lastly the presentation. it's good, but a few suggestions again. dont start the reel abruptly with a dialogue piece. give ur name, designation and contact, and then begin. also the music cud be used better. it shudnt suddenly start or end in between. the music of ur fight scene goes on to be the bg music of ur run and jump too, and it looks odd. the weight piece is suddenly mute, and abruptly the new music piece starts. so it kinda feels undone..!

just my thots bro! no doubt this is a gr8 reel. but if u get rid of these tiny drawbacks, it'll be a SUPERRRRB reel!!

good luck man! :)

Prasad said...

Neat reel man ...loved it ! I too think that walk and run are unnecessary, besides walk kinda looks bit weird, maybe a perspective view will be better ...i agree with Dapoon about the last part of fight scene ...else cool ...i liked the 'waiting guy' anim the most luck !

damncreative said...

xyleeeeeee. Loved your work dude. U have a very nice sense of timing and storytelling.. Let me be very simple in comments. Remove the walk cycles.Just render the last piece. And wolla your done for now as you are looking for a job . great work dude, loved watching it. For detailed comments dapoon is already given it :

Harish k said...

interesting looks great for me...but u will have to make changes in the line up of ur reel...ur reel should be just 1min r at max 1min 30sec because it keep everybody in there chair...right now its long...haheheh!!
remove ur walk n run of hogan n remove the last ball man piece reat looks great bro...keep it up...its great reel u just have rearrange ur animation...

Unknown said...

Thanks a ton guys.....I really appreciate you took ur time out for the critics. I really need sum at the moment.
@Chandrashekhar R, I didn't use reference, I used spline mode animation and my bedroom mirror. hehe :D
Nd it was 3D Max Biped Rigged Animation, I still love it. :)
Nd I do realize that i need to re-update d "3D Max" note in d reel aswell.
Thanks a ton again guys. I definitely am gonna re-present it better.
Cheers :D

XRM said...

Hey there, bit2, good work. Liked the weight lifting and the football sequences. I see good overall improvement in your animation. Keep it up!