Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lemme know guys. :)


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Nice one. I liked the way his hands move. Good choices for hand gestures. Two things I feel, that can be improved on are:

1. When his name is called, he turns his head and looks to his right side, the transition looks linear, have him dip his head slightly, will add to it.

2. When he is standing and delivering his lines, the pelvis looks locked. Try freeing it, you can add a bit of up and down movement there, suiting the accent there.

Thats all, rest looks nice. Keep going!

damncreative said...

Budddyy. This is nice man. M happy bro , without any guidance you could animate a dialogue shit. As i used to day You got a great amount of talent bro. A few suggestions

* I didnt like the first head turning thing, doesnt make any sense. What you could do is keep the head in the UP position. Like he s too proud of him self.

* other than that watch out for your head accents and eye brows

Its good man. very good indeed. Keep going

Prasad said...

You already got the pointers ...i do agree with that first head turn, Chandrashekhar was talking about...

Between, Admins, somebody delete that second comment ...looks like a spam to me !

Dapoon said...

yo bit2, i love this piece! for a self-learner, it's awesome bro! i love the hand gestures and i agree with the pointers above. i'm sure this look will look EVEN better after u've worked on them! good luck man!! keep 'em coming! :)

p.s. the second post is indeed a spam! someone remove that!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for taking sum time out 4 d critics. Im sorry I was a lil packed to visit d comments. But now Im working on it. Thanks to all. Cheers. :)