Thursday, March 25, 2010

unknown no. 7 missed calls 1 threat message

hey guys how're u doing??? well this is not an animation film, but it's a film made by my friend asif faizulla naikwadi. he was an animator in paprikaas bangalore for around 2 years, but he always had this inborn urge to make and direct live action films! i've worked with this guy on 2 live action short films and i must say, he has great potential! i mean without any formal training, simply by studying movies by watching them, he cud make his own short films!! and here's his latest one. i think for a beginner and self-learner (with so less resources and guidance) this is fantastic and shows potential!! i loved the style of direction... and the way the scenes are non-linearly stitched up. i'm posting this here cuz i'd like u all to comment/critique on it so that he may do even better work in the future!


Prasad said...

Hey, this is neat short ...liked the twist at the end ...if really need to point out a negative point, then i will say voice-overs especially that 'nature's voice' ...but that is understood, probably lack of a recording studio and all that ...but great ...enjoyed it !

... a message ... ... ...7 miss calls and one threat message !!! ...OH GOD ! .... ... .. .

Deepak Arasu said...

Excellent work, nice build for an interesting story