Sunday, March 14, 2010

Walk cycle.

Hello monsters,

This is my last animation exercise, an walk cycle on 12f.
I wold like to receive critics, and after that i will add the arms swing.


Normal walk 12f from Andrew Root on Vimeo.


Deepak Arasu said...

not able t o play it...

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Hi! Are you learning animation on your own? You must try referring to lots of walks done by other animators, follow some tutorials, watch people and observe how they walk. That would help most.

Now coming to the walk. Which stage are you on, I mean, have you animated only the pelvis and legs? Are you still to work on the torso and head? If you have worked overall, then these are some points:

1. Best reference available is the Animator's Survival Kit, first go for it.

2. Work on all the views and see if it works from all views well.

3. The head, shoulder and the pelvis always have to tilt in the opposite direction in respect with each other. i.e.

*if head tilts right, then shoulder should tilt left and pelvis to right again (front view)and same way in opposite directions too

**when the right shoulder moves front and the left shoulder moves back, the pelvis should turn opposite, that is left side moves forward and right side moves back (top view)

***actually I am trying to simplify it for you, but it is difficult to keep writing all that happens in a walk.

so just take a video of yourself walking, refer some good examples of normal walks, here are some:

check out the walk cycles, great references.

all the best!