Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Normal walk - revised!

Hello monsters this is the walk cycle on 12f revised!
Please critique!



Dapoon said...

hey andrei, i see u're doing a full body walk now!

well, a walk though looks simple, it's actually pretty calculated and complicated body mechanics! basic definition of a walk (atleast in animation) is that it's a controlled fall. u allow urself to fall, then suddenly u control urself by putting ur other foot forward... and that's how u move ahead.

a basic walk has a lot of secondary actions going on. the main energy is the hip and the legs. everything else upward is in follow thru.

i think u shud work ur way up. work in stages. do just the hip and the leg movement first (while keepin the entire upper body untouched... like in default t-position). get the weight shifts right, get rid of knee pops.

then slowly make the upper rig control follow the hip. then make the subsequent upper body part follow that... etc etc till u've reached the head.

after THAT work on the arms, hands and fingers. make them follow the upper subequent part.

just be careful, not to overdo it! walk is a subtle thing, so the follow thrus must also be subtle.

i hope i didnt confuse u. keep working! :)