Sunday, March 7, 2010

Igor Galvinski

Hey folks working on a new concept and design

Igor galvinski- On the outer fields of russia , on a small hill top lives A russian dumb lab assistant with neurological disorder . His master dies in a tragic experiment .He cant leave his lab as it is the only world he knows.He believes that he can revive is master if he can get the experiment machine running again. Problem is the whole lab is run out of electricity .So he builds a hand made machine just packed with electrodes,tin cans,wine bottle...etc.. and he sets off to collect electricity from the lightning itself with his only friend a rat called lupinksi inside his pocket. Can he really revive his master? or does he end up getting trapped in his insanity ? or does he wind up creating something new?



Prasad said...

Ha Ha great stuff ...liked that small background story too ...eager to see how it progresses is this your personnel project ...have seen some sketches of this guy on your blog ? ...just curious !

Dapoon said...

yep this is great!! i'm sure u can explore more in the character design of this fella! but this one looks great alright! i'm really "igor" to see how this shapes up! ;)

vedanth rajan said...

nice man nice... u covered all the ways to get the electricity with the back pack :D
only thing missing is a mouse wheel that connects to the dynamo :D

that was the Ist thing that popped into my mind when i read the description :D

love the character stylization Looking forward on more information :)

damncreative said...

@ prasad thanx dude. This is my design concept right now. Dunno whether i m gonna make a film out of it. hehe

@Dapoooon bro ur enthusiasm always inspires me :D

@Vedanth thanx a lot dude.. Actually there is no logic behind the machine . there s just a bunch of stuff what igor thinks which might work...Lol he s stupid :)