Friday, March 19, 2010

Walk updated!

Dear monsters,

I have updated my walk cycle exercise.
I tried to remove the pop effect on to the knee and to make the cycle more fluid.
Im very impatient to read your's observations.

Walk updated! from Andrew Root on Vimeo.


Prasad said...

Hey, nice going ...there is too much forward-backward movement in hips ...i remember Chandrashekhar giving you walk reff' on youtube go through it ...there are ways to download youtube videos in mov format them step by step ...track movements in some 2D software like flash ...also i agree with Dapoons last commnet ...animate hips and legs first, then go to spine, head, hands and fingers ...waiting for your next updates luck !

AndrewRoot said...

Thank you Prasad and Chandrashekhar for your critiques.