Thursday, July 15, 2010

11 second club july 2010 (take 2) WIP

hi guys this is my take 2 of the 11 sec club blocking. i scrapped my previous file cuz i found it too cliche, so (thanks to the great feedback by shiva kumar adloori) here's my new blocking. well yes now i have just half a month left for the submission. lets hope i finish it on time! :)

c & c plz!


damncreative said...

hey dapoon. Love the subtle acting bro. Its coming out gr8.good posing too.. Ok here is what i felt. The dialogue piece according to be more sobbing kinds where the character shouldn be doin too much of actions. What i thought is instead of she weeping and crying sitting on the table and then getting up. Let her be be cleaning the table , picking up things and she s talking to her self but still talking to the other character.When she says hmm u look point the eyes to the other character. untill that she can be weeping and talking, cleaning, picking up things. Its like the mind is very disturbed but in the same time the body is just doin the work. Then may be when she says 'I am alone she can just stop the cleaning work in process , right in the middle like now she doesnt even feel like doing that too.. Hope m not confusing. Lemme know what do you think.. May be its too late for changing the acting choice. But lemme know wat ya feel

Dapoon said...

yo vinay! man where the hell were u??? well thanks for liking my work and thanks for the suggestion bro! but as much as i find your suggestion tempting, considering that time's really running out, i really wonder how much of it i'll be able to apply now (since it involves a whole new change in the setting and acting). could it be possible to suggest anything WITHIN the present acting choice? that'd be great!

thanks bro! :)

p.s. they're a gay couple!

Harish k said...

looks good..
even i feel what vinay said as a whole new perspective to it,it will brings out the female character really good..
shot will look even better.
that guys expression is good...heheh..
Harish k

Unknown said...

Hey Dapoon, liked d subtle acting here, it works but Vinay has hit d nail on his head. Am nt saying dis acting isn't working but d pt. of hmm. needs to be changed n like vinay said d body is doing d physical work but d mind is very disturbed so she won't b seeing minute details like peas lying around ( just a suggession )
Gotta run now
All d best dude
U rock!!!

Dapoon said...

hey guys thanks for the suggestions! but as i earlier said, it's unfortunately too late to change the acting choice, since time is running out and i've already taken this to the higher passes! :(

i would be really grateful if u guys could suggest changes WITHIN this acting choice!

@sabhya, why i wanted him to pick up the food pieces is because i wanted him to have the character of an effeminate male who's too used to cleaning the house, checking for any dirt etc (and now is slowly getting frustrated). so he's just got the subconscious habit of automatically detecting anything dirty left behind, EVEN while saying those lines!