Tuesday, July 13, 2010

smart boy 1st pass

a small animation i ve been workin on... love to hear some improvements.. sorry bout the incomplete jump... some problem with the uploading. thanks guys :)


Dapoon said...

haha! good one bro!

i'd say make him struggle a little in air after the jump instead of immediately making him fall.
now u dont have to make it cliche.
u can invent NEW ways to make him panic. i dunno, thats what i think.

the moom needs to be worked on. it's like he's a bad struggling actor! :D

preetham.g.raj said...

thanks d.... i ll definitely work on tat... and moom too.. actually i haven worked on moom at all... i ve just keyed it in two places. thanks a lot man!

Harish k said...

Good Good,, wow man everybody is coming out with great works
cool stuff man...
*Few things on animation..
Concept is really great.

*Animate the fingers.

*n ur right wrist needs work in the starting...

*he looks off balance when he is talking towards the camera.

*n yeah the falling part can have some hang time before the drop.r u can try to do some stuff there...the present action is good..i feel it can be better :)

*Eyes r all over the place..hehe..check it..."look at is important"

*n the wings can actually move.i know he is trying to fake it..but still it can have movements.

*work on the spine..needs wrk

*Acting choice is really cool

*the camera cut can happen when he turns at 6sec to 7 sec
like he starts turning "Camera Cut" n finish the turn..

cool stuff man..
will be a great shot to end ur reel with...will be good :)


Aman Bhanot said...

ya great try ,i was wondering if the jump can some how be in cartoony style,means you can first give the vision of little fly and then bang to the ground,
and also you can little much complicate the first shot acting

preetham.g.raj said...

@harish... hey thanks a lot.. will work on all of em and update soon. thanks again.
@aman hey thanks a lot man... will work on tat jump

KASANA said...

Impressive thought.
I am agree with Dapun & Harish about his immediate fall.
And what Harish said about eyes.. "All over the place."
I am sure you will take him completely out of camera when he falls.
Hey Harish I can't convince myself about animating fingers at this stage... :)
just a doubt...he he..

preetham.g.raj said...

thanks kasana... ya.. i need to fix those eyes...