Saturday, July 10, 2010

ninja 9 Test

still polishing ninja 9...take a look n Let me know ur C&C's :)


Unknown said...

OHH!!!! FKKKKK !!!!!!!!

It came out real kool.......!!!
Excellent man!!!
Enjoyed it a lot man !!!

Hey bt a lil sumting...!!
At 00:04....the transition of its seems a lil fast. Technically in Wushu, when you change from Low-Mantis to Crane. Its a lot more relaxed to save energy. (Im sort of an Action Freak) :P
Bt wateva....

Its a great piece.....Awsome !!!!

Dapoon said...

nice going bro! for this pass, i feel the first jump was a li'l too slow. i mean yes it goes into a slow motion, but it has to go to that pose faster and THEN the slow motion! rest looks cool! keep going! :)

Aman Bhanot said...

Animation is good ,bit i have a bit problem with the camera of jump animation, to only show that specific pose.

Harish k said...

@ xylem : thx for the tip :)

@ dapoon : hehhehe..guess what..i thought it was fast n made it will remove a fr r 2 from there..Thx

@ aman : sure bro will check the camera n still have 2hr work left in animation..once that is fixed will setup the camera :)

cheers guys
keep it coming guys i am still open to all comments ^_^