Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello guys,

This is a piece that I'm working on presently...need some inputs to know whether I'm headed in the right direction.

Dialogue Anim Test 2 from Kanishk on Vimeo.

Thank you all in advance. :)


Dapoon said...

nice one kanishk. just a few quickies. i'd remove the antic before "tramatic" (frame 27 - 40) cuz the head animation gets repeated (he moves the head like that from 1 - 16). i'd also animate the right hand subtly as he gets caught up with his monologue. good job though! keep going!

Harish k said...


only problem is the first 32fr..

*either u got to start with the 15fr use ur 32fr as a in between
*(r) start off with ur 32fr till the word tramatic r whatever he says..

*but after that its really good man
Great stuff :P

Harish k said...

n i hope its Btw 1st n 2nd pass...n my comments were based on that :)