Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dialogue WIP take 2

hey guys i reblocked this shot. i hope u guys can get the situation i tried to create! do give me your precious C&C. i think i over/underpushed some poses! lol

p.s. here's my previous blocking, just in case! :D


Harish k said...
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Harish k said...

i liked the old one, acting choice was good in it..BUT

*this one looks really good in the animation point n ur poses a really strong only problem is the tourist acting choice when delivering the dilog its not working, he is not hitting the accents, it does not look like he is the one talking..

*may be u can put ur old acting choice at that point...

*only thing there is no opposing curves in the shot..

*may be the end pose of the tribal can go back to ur old shots last pose....

cheers buddy
it looks good :)
i loved this shot when u showed it to me the first time itself, its a great dilog to work with :)

harish k

Dapoon said...

yo hareeeeeeesh!!! thanks for the critique bro! i really think i should change the last pose of the tribal! ALSO the "shock" pose of the tourist isnt looking very "shocked". i'll change that too! ^_^