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PEOPLE I know how badly we need a new look for monsters. We have been planning this for months. In fact years together..Me and kasana are so sorry for this. Just not been able to find time . Been really busy with work.. But this time TIME people, We are gonna upgrade. I PROMISE, we are gonna surely upgrade. HARISH Thanx a lot for bringing this again.. Chandu, dapoon, xylem Sorry for not been able to spend time on monsters. Things have changed this week. I guess you folks already know :).. I will surely take up the initiative and start to draw out the stuff for monsters. I need help from all you guys. Lets do it this time. I had been talking to chandu , dapoon on facebook and i guess we had one hell of a session , but didnt take it forward from that, sorry my mistake again. So lets build people. I need inputs from you guys

1. What do you people see ANIMATIONMONSTERS as?
2. How do you want Monsters to be?
3. What type of content we need to add?
4.DESIGN...... This is a big thing...
5. Mond momelo...We need to build this guy up..We need a strong character for this guy. Infact i have this idea for him. Mond Momelo - Is a character who thinks his ideas can change the world . His ideas are unique but might seem stupid to the outer world,But at the end of the day IT WORKS, Not just WORKS, Its brilliant but stupid...What do you people think?
6. If any thing i have missed please add

COME ON PEOPLE..... HOP ON.. This time its coming to life. Will be waiting for you guys

vinay & K


Dapoon said...


lol! yea i really think we need to change the look of monsters! i was thinking (wonder if it's possible to do this on a BLOG), we should add different sections!

what i was thinking that we should all get together and do a short film. so we should be having a section ENTIRELY for that. you know, exchanging ideas, preproduction etc.

then the usual WIPs/personal animations/reels etc can be posted in a separate section.

links can have a yet separate section.

and the last section we should have is of 'feedback', FAQs.

and we could have small gif animations of mond momello for each of these sections.

and ofcourse the main mond momello animation should be there too! :)

i think the characteristic you gave him sounds cool enough to research on him!


damncreative said...

dapoon thats lovely bro. Yeah actually we need to have sections for all these stuff which makes it clear. What i was thinking is lets just design mond momelo and animate him. create few stories and make small clips . And as far as the blog design is concerned lets create lots of characters of monsters who has a WEIRD STRANGE BEHAVIOR . A family of monsters having a strange behavior . What do you say?

Harish k said...

hahhehe!! yo yo yo yo yo yo UPGRADE!!

love dapoooooooons thoughts on the blog..seems like the perfect blog on the making for animators..

n yeah momello should be riged by some really good professional will give him the cutting for animation

n yeah u can have a links of all the members of the blog..on a different tab called members animator links..r soo

n love ur idea of the different monsters having STRANGE BEHAVIOR...nice one vinay

n doing a shot film together is a good idea...but not right away may be it might work in the long term goal "lets just keep that as a goal"

few other things will call u up
Harish k

Prasad said...

Hello Monsters ! ...firstly sorry for being dormant for long ...has gone into hibernation ...just out am into feeding frenzy, sharpening my thorns, uncurling my tail, brushing my loved canines etc ...hope i haven't lost my monster's membership !!! :D

I loved what Dapoon suggested of having different sections ...a characteristic monster as vinay suggested ...between, i don't know how it is possible, but instead of many columns in blog, i was thinking a big column for contents and a very small contents for other stuff ...just know it appears as if all main contents are cramped in that middle column ...just a suggestion though this re-designing and re-development if we can do anything please let us know...

...between you guys are doing great work ...Vinay saw your updated reel on FB ...Harish is just rocking with his professional work ...and Dapoon is like going crazy, especially by his 2D work ...cheek-a-boo :)

Keep rocking ! Let's UPGRADE !!!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Vinay, what things have changed this week? I don't know, please tell!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Ok, here we go. I will answer Vinay's questions first.

1. I see Animation Monsters as a place for us Animators to share our works, get comments and try and improve our animation skills so that we could work on a common project some day. Though art is more than welcome, but we must focus primarily on character animation and that too from story telling and film making view point.

2. I want Monsters to be a regularly active blog. It should be fun to visit everyday, not that it is boring now, but lets make it even more fun.

3. We should give importance to character animation first. Other art like, concept sketches, character designs can also be added. Informative links need to be put together, like resources and reference video links for animation and so on.

4. We need to keep the design very simple so it would be easy to navigate through the blog. Colour scheme needs to be finalised. Those interested, can come up with designs and template suggestions. We need to take care not to add too much content or it might look messed up.

5. I like Vinay's idea about Mond. I would like to share this small para that I was writing the other day, might be stupid, but just some thought on Mond's character,

In the swamps of Animatopia, lives a young monster by the name Mond Momello. He is about a feet and a half, short. Round and plumpy, like a pumpkin. His skin is orange, with red spots on it. He has small but sharp teeth to cut through every wood in the swamps, which is a part of his meal. He has a huge appetite and eats for at least 8 long hours a day. He likes cookies too. Sometimes he sneaks into nearby villages during nights and then stealthily gobbles up all the cookies, though he does leave some of them for the small children, whom he loves a lot.

He spends his day running after butterflies, smelling the flowers and making art with his tail. He loves to paint on rocks with mud mixed in colours made from bushes and shrubs, flowers and fruits. He has brilliant ideas which he believes will change the world. He also trains himself to tell story to children believing that they are the future artists who will spread the colours of happiness in the world.

So, I feel Mond is a very innocent but mischievous, childlike but clever, and compassionate yet brave character. He is active all the time and bubbling with energy.

I am making a simple tree diagram as to how the links can be arranged on Monsters. Will post it within 2-3 days, then we can make necessary changes.

I will leave the improvement of the character design of Mond, to the Monsters who can draw well, Kasana, Dapoon or Vinay and Harish, decide between yourselves. It needs to be made in a manner that can be modeled and animated in CG.

*We can start a forum specially for the short film production, once things get steady on Monsters.

*If we can get help to set this up on Wordpress, we could happily shift to Wordpress as it has got more flexibility and better style options. Just an idea.

Thanks and sorry if I bored you. Can't help it.


Dapoon said...

chandu man, i love that backdrop of the character! bro u've done some detail studying for sure! awesome!! i think vinay, you and the others can keep developing him (i'm a little bad at all this sorry). but if something kicks in me about him, i'll surely share it!

i'll actually try to look at the DESIGN aspect of the blog and try and create different monsters like vinay said.

i think we should make different monsters having different unique personalities / idiosyncrasies. like, one would be an intellect, one a geek, one a goof and etc etc. let's see what we can do!

damncreative said...

Chandu bro you have been one of the best critic ever , i love it. I absolutely love mond s character. Ill think deep on those lines and see what fits and how we should go about it. And will try to come up with a design in a couple of days. I have the idea to make a family of monsters with weird strange behavior. Working on it. Will come up with updates soon. This time for sure we ill revamp the whole blog. And about the wordpress, i got to look through it. I have never used wordpress, i gotto dig it.Lets see about that. Thanx a lot for valuable addition . Lets see how we can take it from here