Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mr jeo(The Cop) Blocking V001

Hi guys,
i guess i am using the oldest System in the animation industry...bwhaheheh!! it took nearly an hr just to post this work here wow..Need a upgrade :D
n start packing my bags too, will be in mumbai soon :)

Mr jeo(The Cop) started off just testing the rig n got carried away :P
Didn't Refine the Poses Yet, will do in Blocking V002 :)
Beautiful rig to play around with.
Ur thought plz :)

Harish k


Rangesh said...

Hey Harish nice work Buddy....
U really made me expect something else initially, Nice change of tone.
My suggestion to U add 1 more trick with the Ball that could keep the ball for some more frames in the shot, its presence is too short to be seen.....

All The Best

Dapoon said...

dude football season is over man!! lol!!

i must say this looks awesome! the actions really suit the rig (which rig is this btw?). i agree with rangesh, u CAN have him play around with the ball a li'l bit longer, make him do some cool moves!

good going bro! waiting to see more!

Harish k said...

thx for the comments guys :)

@rangesh: i think adding one more trick will change the momentum in the shot...what i felt was, may be its blocking that why ur eyes r not able to read the football here..if it still doesnt work in later passes will try to pull out the camera n show the ball in the frame the whole...lets see how it works out

@dapoon: yeah bro football season is done..hehe..this one is a Neorig_V1 its up for downloads

Harish k

damncreative said...

hehe nice one dude. Just enjoy the animation for fun. No crits on these. these are pure out burst of energy... Enjoy :)

Harish k said...

thx Vinay

u nailed it..Animated Mr neo for the fun of it...hehe :)

To be honest yesterday i was not in a mood to animate at all..was busy packing actually :D

i hope i find some time to finish Mr neo :)

Cheers Bro
Harish k

Deepak Verma said...

hey...love your shot harish....specially stopping ball over its chest...and in the end..setteling...

Harish k said...

Thx deepak :)