Monday, March 10, 2008

Ballman Pantomime W.I.P (first pass)

Hi Monsters!
Long time since I posted something. Was busy with my fellow animators for the short film workshop, 2nd sem submissions and other stuffs. I am posting a Ballman Pantomime which I am doing for my 3rd sem, which is still in progress. I am done with the first pass and have also cleaned the graph partly. Still a lot more to do. Stuck up on what more to do! Comments needed.

C&C are most Welcome!


Deepak Arasu said...

Coming out coooool, i like the idea .
I have a few small suggestions on this

1. When the shark guy comes from the left then takes a round and comes towards the other guys right - so try making the guy relaxing on the rubber bed to jus a lil look at the shark guy when he comes at his left. Then as this guy comes towards the right make him panic a lil more time. I feel you are missing an oppurtunity for showing some nice panic acting there.

2. When he falls into the water and goes up the pool ladder seems a lil confusing, may be you can make him swim his head down the water and while he is climbing, he can jump out of the water in a fear?

3. If possible try animating the guy/the girl relaxing in the distance a lil?

Rest all looks coool to me. All the best :)

Prasad said...

nice concept !

...but there's some problem..look at frames between around 120 and 170...animation is not reading properly looks like all of sudden animation has became fast...something like someone has pressed the fast forward button...or probably animation has become jerky there...or it's just me ?...

damncreative said...

hey buddy nice idea. well thought. But as far as the animation goes. There r few fixes. Check overall timing . U need to lead everything to the pay off. Suddenly the animation speeds up at the middle. check for tht.Quite didnt like the way he reacts to the shark . Need to be more sudden and with a shock.take out all the jerks. Ending give a sigh. good job. keep going

KASANA said...

Nice Idea chandra. Shaping good.
I am all for what deepak has said about Panic acting.
One more window I want to open for you esp. in this semester. Please ask why you doing this action. ask 'WHY' I m moving feet and then why suddenly why legs opens.
It'll really help you when dialogues ll start.
In this idea my choice'd have been leeting tht shark ballman from other side and then going there. and then falling on the same side as you did.

keep it up

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

thanks for the comments friends! i will work on it and post the progress as soon as possible.