Friday, March 28, 2008

Character Dialogue 01

Hi Monsters,

This is my basic blocking for the Character Dialogue.

C&C Welcome!


KASANA said...

Hey chandru.
Looking good. esp. love the choice of the set, which is supporting the the Dial. very well.
First on compostion. I feel it can be improved. First its extreme front. Extreme front and extreme back s dead angle.... ( Not always.. :). and you can go more close to character and can cover the some part of the rock.
O.k..Now its seem as if he is standing for take. I will suggest start your animation with the down pose something like 00:02 second... ( can't see the frame counter) thn let him stand and start the dial.
you have nice scope to show more force and dynamism when he take hammer up and hits. Don't make look into the camera.
when he keep his leg on stone, pelvis is going to the right...don't know why. In first pose arm looking very stiff...give some fold.
Can you write the dial whn uploading the update next time as I am not getting it clear.