Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WIP: First Character Dialogue Assignment (My People)

Finally uploading sumthin I'm workin on.. [Vinay, yu happy I'm using the blog atleast now????? =P]
clearly, it isn't finished yet.. However, comments would be greatly appreciated.
Love & Respect.


KASANA said...

Hey mykel....Its been raining since 2-3 days.....Now I got to know why. Because Mykel is here.
Welcome dude.
O.k. Nice work dude but acting choice is not working. Just listen the audio only and then watch video without audio. Energy you given to chracter is too much in compare to audio. Another thing Lipsync you can do in later stages.
Too many thing are happeing here. I guess word Sophesticated is something related to reserve and elegance. Please check the dictionary meaning of the same. I think this pose for 'sophesticated' is not working.
It seems he is talking to 2 person as when sitting eyes looking somewhere and when standing thn looking somewhere else.

Need to change many things.....But I think we all are on right track as we making mistakes.... :)

Would love to see updates here. Keep it up.


damncreative said...

good start myke. Ahhh acting choice isnt workin at all. 1st understand the essence of the audio clip. then think of the situation. think of the character. Wat kinda character is he. Wats he goin throught at this situation. Act it out . ur an excellent actor. then start posing it. u need good poses and texture in poses. Lemme know if ur not clear