Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Guess Harish beat me to it!

but as he said Mid term's around and here's my ball with tail

Got till monday to submit this!

Comments PLZ!!!!


Deepak Arasu said...

I like the concept its a Nice one
And the comments now.....
1.I am not really keen on the idea of squashing the ball like that. I feel the shape should not be distorted.
2.The timing for the ball needs to be worked on.
3. The tail seems to move on its own at some places.

I would suggest you can 1st work on the ball animation by hiding the tail and then start with the tail.
Overall i feel it needs more work.

Keep trying dude, am sure you will...
And make a lot of mistakes :)

KASANA said...

Good efforts Dude.
First thing is Story is not clear to me. Guys tell me if I'm the only one.
I'm agree with Deepak's suggestion on Squashing and hiding tail.
I feel arcs are not maintained. please chk arcs esp. on second jump.I feel its going somewht back.
Need some variation in timing to make this more intresting.
Keep it up.
you are on right track,Cause you making mistakes..... :)


damncreative said...

hey buddy good goin. Story wise i dont buy it. Y is he stepping on the green button. If he steps he should anticipate for something to happen or he should press with out his knowledge. just work on the story part. animation wise timing is off. no weight. Its kinda floats.1 st part wher he looks up doesnt work well. dont stretch the character like tht. let him bounce a lil to calculate the height. doesnt feel like he jumping. feels like he taken off in the air. work on tht part. Mainly work on the story line and make it clear. enjoy

vedanth rajan said...

thanks for the comment guys...