Sunday, March 23, 2008

Johnney the Box...[latino style] WIP

WIP: hello monsters: its me again..hehe.. i am still working on my u got nailed animation..will show it to u guys soon..i was busy with this box animation ^_^ comments Plz


KASANA said...

Nice work dude. Animation coming out good. let see how it look when finish.
Story wise I not convince. First strugle for burger is not much. you can show it more.And why he give up so early and why dejected. I'll let him touch the burger and let the burger fall on other side and then I've some strong reason to be dejected.

Chintan Shah said...

nice animation... but i agree with kasana... there has to have something more in the story... u can have him touch the burger... as if he is jumping hard... and tryin to lick the burger... and probably he touches it... and it falls inside the house.. and then get tht dejected look on his face... coz he almost tasted it but he cant have it now... think over it

but ya the animation looks nice + nice sound fx...

cool job... and post an update if u work on it.

cya laters..
Chints !!

shiva said...

your arcs should look like that of a bouncing ball...right now they are all over the place.

Deepak Arasu said...

First - i like the idea of a box trying for a burger :)

Well, there seems to be issues with timing, poses, arcs and acting.

I hope hope you would have got what it is by now.