Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"U Got Nailed"

WIP : hello monsters..comments plz..i still have one week to submit this stuff..mid terms r starting..hehe ^_^


Deepak Arasu said...

yo, will let you know what i think as soon as i can :)

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...
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Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Nice idea. Comments:
1. Use frame counter
2. When he bangs against the post, he is not certain as to where it will fall, so let him wait and anticipate it. This way, you have more scope for acting too.
3. When the post slants to the left a bit more, then make the character go to the right and then the post falls on him exactly soon after he turns.
4. Now it looks as if he knows that the post will fall to the left and he saves himself by coming to the right.
5. The timing on the bounces in the beginning looks even, work on it.
6. There is very less or no weight in the bounces.
7. The tail feels like hitting the ground without any reason. Work on the bounces first, then go on to animate the tail. It will work well this way.
8. At the end, the swishing tail looks good, but it seems to have no reason.

Keep posting the progress. Enjoy!

KASANA said...

Nice work dude.Coming out good.
I want to know what thought you have given to this Ball.
As I feel Ball stoping on second jump as if she know she going to hit. And When she is hitting, Impact is not tht strong to make pole fall.
And it seems as she is waiting for pole to fall. It ll b more convincing if pole falls when she is turning.
Going good

damncreative said...

Looks gr8. Only thing i feel is the energy is missing. M not gonna talk about ne technical stuff. U need more energy in the character. After he hits the pole he needs to be more rapid, as the pole s gonna fall. he actually should be confused about the steps he s gonna take. right now its too planned. so play around with the energy part and get tht out. it ill look gr8.

Harish k said...

thanks guys ^_^ will work on the mistakes and post again...
kasana: actually she does not know that there is a post there..she goes and bumps right inn...and then see the mail box coming at her and gets scared and runs to the other side....

but i will work on the 2nd jump :)