Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hey guys!

Its been quite very long some time since i have posted....:)............Here's a piece of dialogue block which i am working on.............need your valuable thoughts.

Thanks, Bharath


KASANA said...

Good piece of work. Shaping very nice.
Please check the size of the Neck in Pose A and pose B. I think in Pose A you can cheat by reducing the size of the Neck. He using only one hand in whole Dial. I think you would like to give some variation.

I have few suggestion.
If you choosed two Main poses so you can divide dialin both poses. I would start the dial with pose A and when pause comes in then I'll quicly jump to the second pose.
And this way I will take the opportunity to use second hand in Pose A
I feel In pose B when he say 'Flying cargo.... I will anticipate him to come forward when he says "On Hong-Kong." And I'll give more dynamism to this pose.

otherwise whole dial finish in pose B when he is leaning forward. which is very boring.

Let see how you will go....Till this stage its looking good.


KASANA said...

One more thing. Please add few element to make this composition intresting.

damncreative said...

gr8. looks good. At the end when he says " hing kong" u need a strong pose. hit it. :rubber dog shit" needs more work. Its not clear at to wat he is doin. comin out well. keep it up