Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dialogue Test

Hi there fella Monstas.
I need some help on my dialogue assignment.I have been working on this for quite some time but I`m still confused about my choice of acting for this piece. How can I improve this??Can I make this funny? Or is that really important??...fact is..It doesn`t seem to have the appeal the dialogue me out..Your valuable comments`ll be highly appreciated.thanks..
And yeah..I haven`t really decided what should be on the plate...pls drop in suggestions.thx,again.


Prasad said...

looks perfect to me...i don't think you have to make it funny etc...maybe if you wish, you can make him eat the whole thing in one go after he delivers his dialog...maybe he will check the other guy is not seeing and gulp the can take some liberty and animate ahead, even if dialog ends...just my thinking...

...and yes you can put some creepy crawly, may be a octopus like thing on that plate...will look funny

...lot's of luck

KASANA said...

HI Girish
Good work. Making humourous or serious is not important but justifying with dialougue is important. So if

you there is not much scope than approch the dial, the way you feel.
But I feel there is opprtunity to add humour to this. Guy A ( Who talk first) can enjoy the situation.
Instead of just keeping the plate, Let Guy A pass the plate to Guy B ( And you can keep plate empty.) And

then guy A say "You gonna eat that."
And after seeing him in trouble he may grin and enjoy.
You can give some more space between these guys.

And yes what prasad said you can give some more time and make Guy B eat the empty plate itself.

I don't if its convincing to you.