Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bravo Bravo

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Hey folks
Bravo Bravo. Nice to c u guys workin hard and posting stuff and keeping the blog active and alive.I wasnt here for 2 days. Was away frm computers(FINALLY!!! hehe). Never get tht energy down guys. Push ur works as much as u can, I would like to c more works frm ya guys. Cmon monsters. Bring it on. Get ready for the ultimate battle. And me and kasana are working on the blog. It ill be gr8 in few days. Wait U hungry freaks. :)

vinay (Admin)


Prasad said...

Thanks for boosting us !...i would like to say sorry from my side, for not posting any work as such...but working on some animation and hopefully will post it here soon..

...do tell me if i can do something to help you and kasana to make this blog better...let's make this monster huge...he he he..lot's of luck

KASANA said...

We ll love to see your work here dude.
Please share with us whatever you have to make this page more happening.


vedanth rajan said...

at last... vinay sir! thou arrive and with thou's arrival bring an information of a mega buffet... we all are waiting fr it... with one hand on our mouse the other on the "S" key (our knife and fork... and our headphones (our napkin)

lets break out the dishes shall we