Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Buttercup's Escape"

hello monsters, sorry i could show the progress of this animation...but i will rework on it for sure....finally my midterms r over..hope u all enjoy watching my animation..cheers AND comments plz


damncreative said...

hey buddy. awesome. nice animation. But storytelling could ve been better. I mean u could ve shown it better. U ve to keep the audience in an antic. Here everything happens before even the audience can anticipate. U just need to work out the timing. thats all. Overall its awesome. One of the best work out of takshaa. gr8 job. Ok here are a few tips

Instead of the tail wagging through out when he s hiding, u can actually make him peep a lil bit. tht makes his character strong as he wants to escape. And dont get the ball outside so early. let the box go near him and then suddenly he bursts out with fear and escapes. tht ill add a gr8 contrast. but gr8 job buddy. really nice. Keep up the good work;)

Unknown said...

nice idea vinay. well, harish, this is really good stuff. personally,i'm a great fan of bouncing ball. i still do stuffs with it.

i agree with vinay on the acting choices. well, sure u can improvise on that too. i'll put one more thing..it's a Disney thing..when two actions are happening at the same time on different objects, u gotta delay one to show the audience what's actually going on there .
here, the climax..the guy escaping and the bin's top falling on the box..both kinda happens in one flow. u can actually take the top high ,may be out of the frame..and let the box look all the way uo as the ball escapes..then 'TTung!!!'..the thing falls on his head.

it's cartoon man, trust me ,nobody's gonna ask u what it was doing up there ,delay it as much as u like but make the fall real fast. :)

KASANA said...

Lovely work Harish. I think you got most of the comment. One more thing when Box look here n there, give some hold time so tht we feel he actually searchin..Now it seems as if acting there.


Harish k said...

thanks guys!! actually i am working on it when i get free time..manu sir also gave few corrections...will work on it and show u all..Thanks!!