Thursday, April 24, 2008

Walking Block

... guys guys guys...

Chicken joe got me completely after surfs up..

now we got moom faking the chicken walk ..

gimme some crits before i open it up :)



Bharathmv said...

Hey Roshan! the blocking is neat....i liked the hand animation. i get what you were trying to do......couple of things.....the contact squash pose looks a lil unbalanced....i feel he is leaning too forward.....given the fact that mooms head is big and heavy when compared to that of Chicken Joe......n the pelvis could be moved forward a lil bit so as to balance the pose......and also you could add a small pouch bag to the stick.........overall the feeling is good.

Chintan Shah said...

Hey Roshan, nice to see u man after such a long time... the blocking is really cool.... i wud just suggest to add more "back & forth " with the head, almost as if the head is leading the entire body (kind-off generating the energy to walk.. which i think is not true... logically, its just a bad example :) )... anyways... coz thts the most prominent feature of a chicken walk... and its even more exaggerated in surf's up... anyways do lemme wht do u think abt it.. i might wrong as well... if so, then pls correct

cya laters,
Chintan :D

Unknown said...

thanx guys. i totally agree with the weight issue..offbalance is there.. and chintan, u made a real important point ,that will add some character to the walk for sure. and lol, about the 'nice hand', they havn't yet animated,i just put the primary pose in frame 1 and they are merely following the body's animation . i'll add some keys soon:) and the bag on the stick is under rigging..need some stretch and squash on it :)

Deepak Arasu said...

Would be waiting to see that :)