Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Please head over to my blog. I've uploaded my Student Demoreel there.
Please Follow the link.



Prasad said...

Firstly congratulations for getting what you desired and what you wished for...reel looks you said about some flaws you must have known it already and probably that's why you admitted about saying nothing about that...lot's of luck for your future...have a nice life ahead...

...and ya the link you gave is not working check it and correct it...luckily i knew your blog address...nice day !

vedanth rajan said...

i agree with prasad kasana! the link doesn't work...

only thing i would like to add is since its not presentation it would have been better you didnt repeat the animation.

somehow it looked more impressive on the massive screen during the JURY :D then on Youtube... but thats just me reminiscing the good old days!

anyway back to linking problem! maybe
this link would just work!

KASANA said...

Oh! thanks Guys.
Let me fix it...I don't whts wrong even address is right.

Harish k said...

finally kasana as put up his demoreel..wanted to see it for a long time..awesome i love the moon animation (pushing weight)..nice one