Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Updated Dialogue Assignment

Prior to this I posted the Blockin stage of my dialogue assignment.. worked on it since then and would greatly appreciate comments..
feedback is directly proportional to progress.. :)
ok wo!!! that's enough science for the next few years :P



Carol said...
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Carol said...

hey i must say.... good stuff!!!!!

im wonderin if u could work more on the background, attire n colour...

the lip sync synchronizes with the speech, perhaps a lil more work is needed....

way to go mikey!!

KASANA said...

Good work Myke.
Lip sync is very floaty. Why he smiling without any reason....on my people. In last pose some unecessary movements happening in Right hand...I guess you using IK..even Finger n thumb looking broken...check in mirror.

Harish k said...


check out this page..it will be useful..hehe..