Monday, April 28, 2008

A jump

i guess...... i havn't posted this one before! :D

This was one of my assignment as a fresher in Ittina. Done almost an year and 6 months back. just putting in, unfortunately i don't have the maya file to change anything on it improvising..still, all comments welcome :) was trying to get a frog's attitude in my basic guy rig..hope it came out..well, pretty ok..hmm not bad i guess :)


Prasad said...

Awesome work !..i have seen this before on CGT..believe me..this is one of animation i have saved on my harddisk in folder name 'inspiration'..really inspirational :-)

and hey, i wanted you to ask this from long looks like you never spline your rather keep it in linear mode i guess..i think i have seen this in almost all of your i right ?

Unknown said...

lol! inspiration!? u kiddin? u gotta look at my graphs :-D

yeah, i like it in linear.. once u get the real thing in linear, when u spline it, it will just look awesome. but somehow, i don't usually spline out everything.. but this one, i think i have splined out hips and hands ..

Deepak Arasu said...

Hey Nice one man, i think i saw this from your blog. Nice style.

Do you guys mean an animation will look great even if it is linear?

Please comment...

Harish k said...

awesome!! i have seeing it in youtube long looks good..hehe ^_^