Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First Pass of Dialogue

Hey guys!

Thanks you all for the comments on my blocking post........i have worked a lil bit on it and before getting into the second pass i would have your valuable comments.




Unknown said...

well, i had to watch it in a machine without an audio device. so, pardon me for not commenting from the aspect of a dialogue. let's talk about the body mechanics.

i love what u did with the chair. it's perfect animation..really feels the rolling effect. the character looks neat and smooth till he takes his legs down.. then u kinda lost the smoothness somewhere. some head moves and chest rotations need a slight settle. the right hand, that holds the cigar..check the timing of it. i've got the arc, pretty neat..add some slow in/out in the moves..and avoid unwanted twists and turns. even if u do want it there, do it a lil faster and settle, don't let anything just float...especially, make sure the hand is helping the accent, not just following it . really nice attempt dude. I'll go and check it with the audio some place else. good job :)

which sem are u in?

Prasad said...

cool work..smooth acting and smooth can however try animating more of his face...i mean eyes, eyebrows etc...just what i feel...nice day !

shiva said...

i would can keep the physics little simple. it's distracting me from the performance.

Bharathmv said...

thanks for those comments...roshan, prasad and shiva. it was really learning experience from you guys........there were always somethings i thought were correct and a different persons perspective really opened my eyes for things i did not observe......thanks for your comments guys. roshan i am in final semester. will get back to you guys once i have finished the shot.