Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dialogue Assignment

Hola Fellas,
I have just managed to open up my dialogue assignment after much struggle with the splines. Issues with the animation aside, the story`s not working out. Like I mentioned in my previous post (when this file was at the blocking stage), this piece lacks the appeal the dialogue deserves. I knew I went wrong somewhere but couldn`t ,at the time, figure it out.
HELP !! Please drop in comments.
Thx again guys..:).


KASANA said...

Hey looking Good.
First guy after finishing his Dial....looking dead. Give him some blink n Moving Hold.And in last why

first guy surprised...I couldn't get it. I think its too much. Previous Idea of passing plate was looking

good....don't know why you have change.
For second guy take his emotion on imaginary scale and increase his emotion with the dial....and when he

say No..No...thn it shld be higest. as now there is not much diffrence when he start and ends his

dialouge. And there r some jerks in right hand of second guy....please chk graph. Its looking

good....just need some more push

Harish k said...

i dont know much about lip syn..but it looks really good..nice one ^_^