Monday, November 5, 2007

WIP - Box Test jump animation

Bonjour Guys,

I have just done a Box jump test animation and it is still in progress. Please do let me know your valuable c&c.



damncreative said...

Awesome work. Lovely . Gr8 timing. Gr8 piece. But u got to work on Polish

Some stuff u could work on

1.The jumps. Work on the timing. Its kinda floaty

2.The sliding part can be a lil faster and then slow down

3.Big antic needs Bigger action. Remember tht

4.I quite didnt like the way he just stands up after the antic on the 1st step. Try removing tht. Instead add a subtle antic showing tht he waiting for the right opportunity to jump on the other step.

And plz switch off the controls while play blasting.Use frame counters so tht people can give crits easily and u could ve zoomed in . The camera is lil far right now

thats it for now. Really awesome work man. Its gr8 for 1st sem. U ill b good. Keep rocking. looking forward to c more


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

All fine, vinay has said so much, which leaves me nothing to say. otherwise, during the first jump, it is holding too long in a squash pose.
nice idea, keep going!

KASANA said...

nice work dude. Vinay has said everything.........just I want say one thing....just follow now... :)

Unknown said...

i was typing a long comment..but then i came to know u r in 1st sem. i was like WOW.. i'm still like WOW :) neat work man.. really neat timing and smoothness for a beginner. keep it up.

Chintan Shah said...

woooooooooooowwwwww AWESOME !!!! stuff man... gr8 work, gr8 assignment, vinay has said everything required... but i would say the last end slides needs to be more faster... especially in the end... coz it will speed up if its a smooth surface and not a rough surface with loads of friction.. but hey damm good start.

Just next time switch off the controllers and put a frame counter.

good work man... lets see some more animations.

Deepak Arasu said...

Thanks a lot guys. All your comments will REALLY help. Will post the updated work soon :)